How to design soccer field with LED Flood Light?

How to design soccer field with LED Flood Light?

Nowadays, the LED Lighting replaces the energy saving lamp and metal halide lamp step by step in near future.

Today let’s talk about the sport field lighting–soccer field.

soccer field with led flood light

The size of soccer field is about 90-120 meters long, and 45-90 meters wide as a rectangle. But the international game standard size is that 100-110 meters long, and 64-75 meters wide. And the World Cup size is 105 meters long and 68 meters wide.

soccer field size

The soccer field lighting quality mainly depends on the illumination level, average illumination and the glare control. The lighting level needed for athletes and audience is different, for the athletes, the required illumination levels are relatively low. But for the audience to watch the game,the lighting need to increase with the increase of viewing distance. And why there has glare depends on the density of lamps,the projection direction, the lamps quantity, the location of watching, the brightness of environment,etc.

Now let’s make a lighting design for a amateur soccer field, with average 100LUX,size is 105 meters long and 68 meters wide . With 4pieces 20 meters high lighting poles in the 4 corners,and use our 1000W LED Flood Light to see the result by the DIALux.

LED Flood Light

Actually The 1000W LED Flood Light’s really power is 990W with 90585lm,and we use the 90°*10° rectangle beam angle to test,this beam angle is better for the soccer field, because it can lighting the center area more in the soccer field. And the result shows that if over average 100LUX,at least needed 20pcs 1000W LED Flood Light.

1000W led flood light

Let’s see the lighting direction in the result as show in the picture. It needs 12pcs 1000W LED Flood Light lighting in the center area,and 2pcs in the each goal,also 2pcs in the each middle area.

soccer field sport luminaires

And now let’s see the 3D rendering of the lighting,we can see that the most lighting are average in the game area.

soccer field 3D rendering

And now see the false colour rendering, the result also shows that the lighting focus on the game area too.

soccer field false colour rendering

And the result overview is as below, average LUX is 112, the min LUX is 26 and the max LUX is 145.

soccer field result

Maybe let’s see the soccer field caculate web (PA)/Isolines and the soccer field caculate web(PA)/Value Chart to know more details.

soccer field value chart

With DIALux software,you can easy design the lighting that you want,and get the right result that you need. If you have any lighting project,and not have any idea how many pieces lights that you need, please feel free to contact us, we will design the lighting with your request.

If you have any questions or needs of LED Lighting and Lighting fitting,please feel free to contact to know more.

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