Why LED Lighting to be explosion?

Recently,one news get a big attention in the lighting market:a LED Bulb happened an explosion in a store of kids clothes,beacuse the LED bulb used the plastic shell with bad quality power supply.Lucky that didn’t happen fire.

Let’s see the scene:

led lighting explosion

led bulb explosion

why led bulb explosion

explosion led bulb

It is not the first time to happen explosion of LED Lighting beacuse the quality problem,Last year August also happened this same event,the reason of explosion also beacuse of the bad quality of power supply.

Why LED Lighting to be explosion?

Here make a test,generally,bulb will have a calorification when lights.
For example the incandescent bulb,its temperature can reach to 200℃,if you make the temperature down suddenly,what it will happen?just water a little,the incandescent bulb will be explosion right away.

And other test of LED Lighting,after lighting 1 hour,its temperature was about 38℃, even though you water it to down the temperature,it won’t be explosion,Why?the answer is beacuse LED Lighting not have the vacuo glass cavity of the incandescent bulb,LED Lighting is better to heat dissipation.

But how LED Lighting still can be explosion?

Before to know the reason why LED Lighting be explosion,first we need to know the main structure of LED Lighting,it has two main parts,one is the chip,other one is the power supply,it transforms the high voltage AC100-240V to low voltage DC12V or DC24V.And there has two main reasons of explosion:chip explosion and power supply explosion.

Here make other test:connect the PCB with LED Chips to the AC220V directly,the LED Chips will be breakdown in the first second,do you think it will happen fire?the result showed NO.After the breakdown of LED Chips,the electric power stopped.

So from this test,we can know the main reason to be explosion is from the power supply.

For example,it is easy to happen the short circuit problem of the lighting in bathroom, beacuse of the moist problem. And other problem is the smaller capacitance of components of power supply,such as the capacitance is 400V pressureproof  for  a reasonable quality,if reduce cost and change to under 400V pressureproof,of course the result is only explosion.

So why there still have explosion LED Lighting in the market?

From the hottest news in these two years:,and a lot of LED Products of famous companies were recalled,serious quality problem of LED Lighting was discovered from the testing organization.From these news,it is not hard to catch the reason:

No.1:the lighting companies lack of the healthy business ethic.

The market is still immature,and information asymmetry leads the companies to focus on geting the market shares,this must happen that the core competitiveness is not the product.

This unhealthy business way,did you think it a while for why?Do you have a solution?
“The best selling,must be the worst quality”,you must hear about this.

No.2:The Lighting industry lack of the lighting knowledge

There have many companies changed from the other industries to lighting industry, such as the metals,mould,machinery industries.Don’t tell that you don’t understand why the price has 10 times different from 3W LED Bulb,some companies also not understand why the cheapest bulb can light up,so why not manufacture it to earn quick money ?

“Do you use LED?if so,the cheapest the best”,some people said this to a designer of lighting project,you must hear about this too,what did you think about it?

Finally,bad quality products match the ignorant consumers,the bad quality LED
Lighting products still have a big chance to be manufactured to install in our home, Never stop to buy a “bomb” of untime.

No.3:Lack of standard,and weak supervision.

Even though there is some standards of LED Lighting industry,but without unify,every
company can enter into this industry,which product can earn the most profit,most of companies will follow;which product is the most popular,price will be the biggest different.

So far there have many kinds of LED lightings with different performance in the market, but beacuse of the different standards,Lighting industry still need to face the serious challenges.

Finally,question is:what is the base line of LED Lighting?welcome to comment your view.

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