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Wholesale 6 Best LED lighting 2018

1. Best LED Neon Strip Light 2018Neon Lights

  • Flexibility Same as the name is highly flexible plastic extrusion LED rope. It is very easy to shape various letters, patterns, trademark and Logos or other applications.
  • Energy Saving Using LED flex neon offers an increased efficiency over fluorescent, incandescent, and neon light sources. The led flex neon is ten to fifty times more energy efficient, thus reducing your operating costs by up to 90%.
  • Safety LED Neon Rope light is double insulated light rope, it only operates on 12V, 120V & 240V. The construction can be design more safety.
  • Long Life and Durability LED life is measured in years of performance, not the hours and months of traditional light sources. The leds use in the flex neon are rugged, solid state devices that are not susceptible to vibration. They can withstand far more abuse than glass based bulbs, while remaining functional.
  • Bright color options Flex neon are offered in white, green, blue, yellow, red, orange and we even have a color changing flex neon using RGB led technology. These colors are far more efficient than other light sources because LEDs create light in the specific color desired.

2. Best LED Track Lighting 2018LED Track Lighting

  • Easy installation:Fits in LED track lighting circuit, compatible with H type 3-wire-1 circuit track system. Set up in just a few simple steps.
  • High CRI rating: Our LED track lightings have a CRI90+ rating, this allows the light to render more closely to the object’s true and original color, thus produce a more accurate and vivid lighting than other lighting alternatives.
  • Wide Use Range: Our LED Track Lighting was design with 10°/24°/38°/60° beam angle and 83lm/W, comes in 2700K/3000K/4000K/5000K soft white, it produce a soft warm tone spotlighting.Adjustable head making it perfect for accent lighting. Suitable to use as general interior lighting in kitchen, living room, dressing room, wine cell etc and retail display lighting.
  • Great value
    Listed by energy star for energy efficiency, the 8W LED track lighting is the perfect replacement for the traditional 50W halogen light fixture.Estimate cost of only $1.02 per year, save up to $182.6 in its lifespan as compare to the same performance halogen lighting fixture.
  • Durable quality
    Design with integrated LED chips, no additional bulbs needed. Quality housing provide excellent heat dissipation, prevent device from overheating. Up to 50000 hours of lifespan. 3 years product warranty for costumer’s rights and benefits. Satisfaction guarantee.

3. Best LED Strip Lighting 2018

  • LED Strip LightSuper bright 5050 SMD LED, high intensity and reliability.
  • Compared to the traditional lighting, the led lighting is lower power consumption, more energy saving and environmental protection.
  • The flexible strip bands can be curved or bent, so you can use them for decoration in many occasions.
  • You can cut the strip every 3 leds along the scissors marks on the strip if you want to do DIY work.
  • Plug and play, easy installation with the adhesive tape on the back to paste.
  • The led strip full kit comes with all black essential parts, black PCB board strip, black remote controller, black IR control box and black adapter. All the elegance black will provide you a new lighting vision that is different from the white ones.
  • Application: It is widely used as decorative lights for holidays and events, i.e exhibitions, weddings, birthday parties, school parties, dancing parties, Christmas, Thanksgiving Day, Saint Valentine Day, Halloween, etc.
    It’s a good choice to use the lights for hotels, restaurants, night clubs, coffee/ wine bars, shopping malls, cinemas, beauty centers, office fronts, even lights for household kitchens or living rooms, etc.

4. Best LED Corn Lighting 2018

  • 150W LED Corn LightSuper Bright – 3500Lm , warmwhite 3200K, E26 socket, 35W LED equal 300W incandescent bulb.
  • Energy Saving – power consumption is 1/10 of incandescent bulb, 2/3 of energy-saving bulb under the same brightness.
  • Long Lifespan – 360°Shining – no dead corner, no flicker,consistent and stable luminescence.
  • Good Quality – Aviation aluminum to ensure heat dissipation, ABS housing good corrosion resistance.
  • Wide Applications – Unique design, energy saving, fast cooling,long service life,no glare, no flicker, easy install(screw to E26/E27/E39/E40socket). Great for garage, driveway, warehouse, barn, patio, courtyard , garden, street, office, school, hospital, shopping mall, supermarket, station, restaurant, hotel, workshop etc, anywhere need bright light.

5. Best LED Floodlight 2018

  • LED Flood LightsSUPER BRIGHT OUTDOOR SECURITY LIGHT: High quality Epistar chips, 20,000 lumen output, 120° wide beam angle, high efficiency, low consumption. Worldwide voltage,AC 85-265V.
  • EXTREMELY LONG LIFESPAN: Service life up to 50,000 hours. IP65 waterproof standard, safety and favorable waterproof effect. Excellent heat dissipation. Durable and extremely high light transmittance Tempered Glass.
  • ENVIRONMENTAL FRIENDLY: Do not contain mercury and lead. Free from harmful gases like CO2, no harm to the environment and human health.
  • PERFECT FOR OUTDOOR LIGHTING: Our LED Flood Light can be widely used in garden, yard, piazza, parking lot, billboard, stadium, square, sport center, warehouse, industrial areas, dock, port, building site, factory, highway etc.
  • FRIENDLY CUSTOMER SERVICE:3 years product warranty and 30 days replacement. Professional customer service available all the time.

6. Best UFO LED High Bay Lighting 2018

  • high-bay-lightLATEST UFO DESIGN : Our product adopts integrated ultra-thin design, it gets smaller size and the strong sense of industry appearance. The porous structure allows the casing to balance the pressure on both sides of the housing when the temperature and pressure change, it improves the product lifetime.
  • ENERGY SAVING : Viugreum uses bulbs of superior quality for bright illumination. The brightness is several times higher than traditional light bulbs, but you can save up to 70% electricity. 24000LM provides enough brightness at night. No strobe light failure low.
  • EXCELLENT HEAT DISSIPATION : The light adopts thick aluminum cold forging molding, the structure is sturdy and stable. It uses finned heat dissipation process, which gets large heat dissipation area and excellent heat dissipation effect. It also extends the lamp lifetime. Its paint surface treatment prevents it away from oxidation, corrosion, rust.
  • IP65 OUTDOOR WATERPROOF : Product sealing is perfect. Suitable for outdoor lighting, indoor stadium, square, billboards, factory floor, warehouse, gymnasium and other places where lighting is needed. Please note that the light can not be used IN the water.
  • 5 YEARS OF WARRANTY : The average life of LED is more than 50000 hours, it can save not only the cost of lamps replacement, but it can also reduce the maintenance costs. Our products passed CE, FCC and ROHS certification so security performance is guaranteed.
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