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Best Slim 7*9mm LED Neon Lights in 2018

Neon Lights


LL-N0709S is the most SLIM LED Neon Lights/LED Neon Strip Lights/LED Neon Linear Lights in the market. With smooth and flat light surface lighting options is well archived through this special narrow light surface design.Completely made by PVC extrusion encapsulation technology provides excelent functions and non-sustitutable features like IP68. Assembled with injection connector or patented DIY connector.It creats superior homogenied light distribution all along its complete length. Various monochromatic saves huge cost on installation and mantenance.


LED Linear Neon Lights is the first prior options for lighting designers and installers.

1.Countour or Border lighting for Outdoor and Indoor

2.Decorative Lighting and Architectural Outline.

3.Light Engine for Furniture, Refrigerator etc Lighting.

4.Horizontal Guid and Signage Lighting.

5.Accent or Cove Lighting for Display.

Feature & Function:

1. High quality and high brightness SMD LED chip.

2. Visible cutting marks at the PCB for accurate length of the light strip

3. Innovative technology on design the smallest dimension 7*9mm, make it s breakthough.

4. UV & flame resistant construction by special developped PVC materials and other ingredients.

5. High IP68 protection by PVC completely encapsultation and injection technology.

6. High color consistency&smooth illumination with invisible light dots.

7. Flexible with 80mm minimum bending diameter.

8. Easy installation and assembly with DIY accessories for joining and terminating.

9. Flat profile, good choice for recessed mounting.

10.The product IP rate is ultimately in line with properly applied IP rated connectors.

11. Continuous length up to 15m (R, A )/10m (G, B, W) by powering one end.

12. Environmentally friendly&energy efficient.

13. Automated production, high reliability&long warranty of 3 years.

14. 5 years life span(Do not continuously operate over 8 hours per day)

About Neon Lights

Neon light consists of brightly glowing, electrified glass tubes or bulbs that contain rarefied neon or other gases. Old Neon lights are a type of cold cathode gas-discharge light. A neon tube light is a sealed glass tube with a metal electrode at each end, filled with one of a number of gases at low pressure. A high potential of several thousand volts applied to the electrodes ionizes the gas in the tube, causing it to emit colored light. The color of the light depends on the gas in the tube. Neon lights were named for neon, a noble gas which gives off a popular orange light, but other gases and chemicals are used to produce other colors, such as hydrogen (red), helium (yellow), carbon dioxide (white), and mercury (blue). Neon tubes can be fabricated in curving artistic shapes, to form letters or pictures. They are mainly used to make dramatic, multicolored glowing signage for advertising, called neon signs, which were popular from the 1920s to the 1950s.And now new LED Neon Lights can perfect replace the old neon light.

The advantages of LED Neon Light

1. Low power consumption: there have low voltage DC24V DC12V,DC5V to choose.
2.High stability: use LED Chips and high quality power supply.
3.Colorful:Red,Green,Blue,Yellow,White,Warm white,Pink,Purple,RGB colors to choose.
4.Easy to connect and install: there have many different sizes to cut to fit your project,like 5cm cut,10cm cut,15cm cut and so on.
5.Waterproof and long lifespan: Outdoor use and lifespan to 50000H.

And LED Neon Light is a flexible rope light,as same as LED Strip Lights,it is easy to cut to decorate all the neon signs that you want.

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